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Legend - David Gemmell The Drenai Empire (good guys) is threatened by barbarian horde from Nadir (not-so-good guys) where a leader emerged who managed to unite almost all the tribes and wants to conquer his neighbors. The neighbors are not prepared: they have small army and not enough competent commanders. The first fortress which happened to be in the way of barbarian contest is Dros Delnoch; if I understood correctly this is the only fortress capable of delaying the conquest of the Empire. If it falls, the rest will shortly follow.

So, on one hand we have hordes of barbarians with decent commanders; on the other hand - a very small army consisting mostly of new recruits whose task is to delay the conquerors until the reinforcements arrive (hopefully). The last hope of fortress' defenders is Druss the Legend. He is an old (and I do mean - old) warrior who defied the odds his whole life and was never defeated - think Cohen the Barbarian from [a:Terry Pratchett|1654|Terry Pratchett|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1235562205p2/1654.jpg]. So it is up to him to raise the moral and organize the defenders.

This is fairly generic fantasy with some very minor magic. The only reason I gave this book 3 stars is Druss himself, he is a very interesting character who really makes you wish he kept defying the odds against him. If I discount Druss, the book is worth 2 stars.

The romance between Rek and Virae (other main characters) is so badly written, I saw better in porn movies. Speaking of Rek, he undergoes completely unexplainable transformation from a coward to the bravest man in the Empire almost overnight. The epilog feels forced and not what I consider a good (or even logical) ending. I am not sure I want to read the next book in series. Can somebody inspire me to do this?