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The Lark And The Wren

The Lark And The Wren - Mercedes Lackey What is bard's magic and how does one become a bard? What is a difference between a bard and a minstrel? Read and find out as you follow a young girl Rune on a quest to become a bard. It is a Mercedes Lackey book, which means there is nothing wrong with it from a technical point of view. My problem with it: it is actually 3 books in one with Rune traveling from one location to another. As soon as she leaves, the people and events of previous location are completely discarded and almost never mentioned again.

Another problem: somewhere in the middle of the book it becomes a romance novel and stays this way for quite a while (people becoming really stupid, acting out of character, etc.).

Still, it is a fairly entertaining book if overly too long.