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Killer in the Rain

Killer in the Rain - Raymond Chandler This is a collection of short stories most of which were later developed into Philip Marlowe novels. As such I strongly recommend reading them after you are done with Philip Marlowe.

As an example I will talk about the title story. It is easily recognizable as a base for classic novel The Big Sleep. The main character of the story is a nameless PI (I looked through the story twice to make sure the guy is really nameless). His client is different: Philip Marlowe had a wealthy handicapped General with two daughters while here it was a Serbian immigrant millionaire with a single daughter who was blackmailed. The middle of the story repeats The Big Sleep verbatim at times, but the end is quite different and more violent.

My rating of the collection is 4 stars which is mostly due to their influence on Raymond Chandler classic books. The stories are entertaining enough to read if you are a fan of the author, but read all Philip Marlowe novels first before starting on these.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/943786/early-chandler-s-short-stories-which-later-were-developed-into-philip-marlowe-novels