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The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich (Woes and Hose, #1)

The Amazing Adventures of Dashing Prince Dietrich (Woes and Hose, #1) - Igor Ljubuncic The book starts with Prince Dietrich having a nice erotic dream about him being a shepherd who really likes his sheep.
I mean really likes them: I am trying to keep my review within PG-13 rating. He was about to see the most interesting part when he was awoken quite rudely and his disappointments with his current life were about to get escalated to a new unprecedented level: his father decided to marry him - a purely political marriage. Sufficient to say, his bride-to-be did not look any good even on her portrait which was supposed to be flattering.

The Prince was sent to his wedding immediately - it would take place at his in-laws kingdom. He was determined to avoid the wedding at all costs, and this is what he would do through the whole book. If you recall the first book of The Song of Ice and Fire, strictly speaking practically all the initial happenings could be attributed to just one person (who will remain unnamed to avoid spoilers). Well, what Prince Dietrich began here can easily rivaled the events of the series I mentioned. Let us just say he managed to involve the whole realm.

At this point I need to point out that a map would really help, but unfortunately it was not included in the book. Multiple kingdoms and independent cities were involved, but I was having problems understanding how they all fit together - geographically.

The book was not funny to me, but it has some amusing moments. It was very interesting to see the global consequences of Prince's bumbling. This was the most fun part of the book actually. This actually reminded me of Inspector Clouseau from Pink Panther.

For the negative part I already mentioned the absence of a map. I also could not care less about any single character of the book - this is not to say they were just two-dimensional as they are not; just not sympathetic.

So I would love to give this book 3.5 stars, but the rating system would not allow me. So 3 stars it is.