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The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer (Book 3)

The Last Apprentice: Night of the Soul Stealer (Book 3) - Joseph Delaney The Spook and his apprentice Tom Ward settled in Spook's winter residence:
Winter is Coming
For Tom this is the first time he visits the place and it is spooky - sorry, the bad pun was not intentional. The winter means reduced mobility, so it makes sense for Spook to live close to a big concentration of evil forces. This time it is not just random supernatural baddies that give troubles, but Spook's past mistakes caught up with him. Sometimes it is up to Tom by his lonely self to try to fix the numerous problems.

I found this book to be weaker than the first two. While the latter had fast moving plot and plenty of action practically from the start, in this case it took practically half of the book before any kind of real threat emerged. Too much time was spent on describing the spookiness of the winter residence and the nearby places. I also felt Tom behaved more stupid than before at some points. Alice who is one of the most interesting characters was not too noticeable here.

Once the plot got moving it continued doing so at a steady rate. I saw the ending fairly early, but it did not diminish my interest by much. It is a good book and it does not reduce my interest in the series, but not on the level with the previous installments.