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Red Country (First Law World 3)

Red Country (First Law World 3) - Joe Abercrombie Shy South a former highway robber with a golden heart gave up on her violent ways and took up farming. When she came back from a marketplace one of the days, she found her hired hand is killed and her young brother and sister is kidnapped. She went off hoping to catch the raiders, accompanied by her timid stepfather. The joined a band of mostly old geezers called Fellowship and the geezers did what geezers are best at: they babbled. Oops, I accidentally gave away around 75% of the book. Sorry.

The problem I mentioned is the biggest one: nothing at all happens during first three fourths of the book. There was exactly one event which could be called exciting (and this would be really stretching it) for each hundred of pages. Do not believe me? Let me count (spoilers, obviously): page 100 - Shy and Lamb caught up with three raiders who split from the main group, page 200 - Ghosts' attack on Fellowship, page 300 - Lamb's fistfight with Golden. One of my friends mentioned in his review you could easy skip tenths of pages and resume reading without getting lost. I wholeheartedly agree.

To add insult to the injury, Shy as the main character is the most 2-dimensional one ever to grace any Abercrombie's novels. This is from a guy whose main strength is great fleshed out characters.

There is one probably the most awesome character from the original trilogy present. How do you make this person boring? Easy, you make this person old, do not give him/her POV, and do not make him/her use the copyrighted one-liners. Voila, another boring character. This one does not even feel like himself/herself in the first trilogy. The person in question feels right at home in geriatric hospital - I mean Fellowship.
Old Superheroes

I never thought I will say this about any Joe Abercrombie's book, but this one is unbelievably boring. The author himself mentioned he had troubles writing it, and it clearly shows. I am really surprised at high rating the novel has and had to check several times whether I read the same one as the people who gave it 4 or 5 stars. Sorry.