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Lettuce Read Wills

Lettuce Read Wills - Una Tiers This is an analysis of wills written by some celebrities (most of the time from Hollywood). Each will gives an opportunity to discuss another aspect (and possible pitfall) of the art of will-writing.

At this point I have to make a confession. I would make a really bad lawyer for the simple reason that lawyer-speak never fails put me to sleep.
Sleeping Beauty
By the way this image shows only the quality of sleep; I would never flatter myself thinking I look anything like a Sleeping Beauty.

As a side note, I would never suffer from insomnia because I know the ultimate cure. The reason for the confession however is that I was not bored reading this book. The wills themselves were entertaining enough and their selection allowed for excellent analysis of different oversights and/or excellent foresight in some cases.

Recommended for people who have no clue about wills, or for those optimistic people who think they will be able to leave something valuable after they die.