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Peddlers All

Peddlers All - M.E. Meegs The book does not pick up where the last one left. That one ended with the ragtag party of Lord Timothy Dexter landing on the shores of US. This time author M.E. Meegs (who is a fictional character herself) gets in the way of her own story and give a completely harebrained Editor Preface which actually gives some glimpses on her own character. It does feel out of the place though.

Now that we are finally back to the tale, we get to meet completely different cast of characters, most notably Greta and Jack (I like this one). This cast ended up in the same town as the original gang and at this point the pace and excitement increase. The returning Mrs. Biddle never fails to keep things interesting and this time she might finally have found her equal in Lord Timothy Dexter's household: his daughter Felicia.

As I mentioned the Editor Preface in the beginning really breaks up the flow of the story, but I understand why it was necessary. These was also an excerpt from Mrs. Biddle which have not added anything much to the story.

What saved the book from 3 star rating were some of the new interesting characters above and the second half of the book where everything finally came together. This is where the fun of the first installment came back. The humor and the crooks backstabbing each other nonstop deserve 4 stars.