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The Case of the Sulky Girl

The Case of the Sulky Girl - Erle Stanley Gardner A sulky girl came to Perry Mason's office. She has a fairly unusual problem. Her father left her a very big chunk of money in a trust managed by her uncle. In case she marries before she is 25, she must get the approval of the latter: he has the power of giving away all her money to charities if he does not approve her choice. Does it sound complicated?

Well, she is 24 and wants to get married right away so she wants Mason to either persuade her uncle to approve her choice, or somehow neutralize his complete power over her inheritance. It looks like a boring legal case, but it swiftly develops into quite a few blackmail attempts and a murder: as I mentioned, big money is involved.

It is the second book of the series and as such the characters are not very well developed. Perry Mason is not as fleshed out as in the later books and his secretary Della Street plays a very passive and small role. It is interesting to note that this in the first time the famous lawyer actually goes to court defending his client; his court battles will become his trademark later in the series.

Another notable feature of the book is the number of blackmails going on - at one point they reached practically one per page; I am talking about different ones by different people.

As a mystery book it is highly entertaining and very easy to read; 4 stars is its final rating.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/898547/the-second-perry-mason-novel-characters-are-still-not-completely-developed