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Nature Abhors A Vacuum

Nature Abhors A Vacuum - Stephen L. Nowland A nun, a drunken ranger, a thief, and a regular guy came to a bar... This is not a beginning of a joke, this is a beginning of this book, honest. From this crowd a party is formed which is promptly thrown from one bad situation into another, each one progressively worse. I have a feeling the author played a lot of role-playing games as this party is a well-balanced one, fit enough to go to a raid in World of Warcraft: a big ranger (tank), a healer, a backstabbing thief, a warrior mage, and a useless guy. This useless guy is a leader, just like they are in real life. Like in an RPG game, these guys rely on sheer luck and a healer's ability to keep them alive.

The dialog quality ranges widely from extremely corny to very funny. I need to note that then it is funny, it is really laugh-out-loud funny. The plot was entertaining enough to keep me reading this book - it is fairly long.

This is a first work from the author, and it shows. The book is really rough around the edges. Like REALLY rough. Still, the author has a lot of potential which I hope he will be able to realize. Considering the price of the book (free), I did not feel like I wasted my time reading it.

Conclusion: an entertaining book with funny dialog sometimes. Give it a try: it is free.