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Fair Play's a Jewel

Fair Play's a Jewel - Robert Bruce Stewart I would have to repeat some things I said in my reviews for the previous books of the series for the benefit of the people not familiar with it. Harry Reese is an insurance investigator living in US almost one hundred years ago. His wife Emmie is obsessed with getting into an investigation of any crime, preferably with several dead bodies - the more, the better. Her level of obsession is equal to that of the following character who would do anything to be in a show:
Simple life logic shamefully surrenders facing Emmie's enthusiasm.

This time Harry learns by accident that Emmie travels to Portland under an alias. Fortunately for everybody else involved he also happened to get his own assignment not far from the same city: he is the only person who can talk some sense into Emmie sometimes. So it all started innocently enough with a Pinkerton detective, eel sexual orgies, insurance fraud, a dead body, assassination attempts, unlawful book publishing, people drinking practically non-stop in alcohol-free state, corrupt cops, etc. It only got much crazier from here. If you read the previous book you know exactly what to expect.

The craziness and the humor typical for any book of the series are still present - as well as a fairly complicated mystery. This time practically everybody and their brother used aliases at one point or the other so I strongly advice to keep track of who is who and all of their names, otherwise you would get hopelessly lost.

If you like the previous books of the series you will like this one as well. The only difference I could think of: this installment has quite a lot of sexual innuendos which - if I really want to nitpick - became a little too much by the end of the book; they are not offensive though. It also might not be a good idea to start reading the series with this novel as some of the humor and the events would be lost on you if you are not familiar with the characters - not just the main couple, but quite a few recurring ones.

Minor complaints aside it is a fun read especially if you like P.G. Wodehouse type of humor. My rating is 4 stars.