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Ravine Volume 1 Tp

Ravine Volume 1 Tp - Stjepan Šejić, Ron Marz, Troy Peteri Do not read the blurb for this comic book unless you want full and complete spoilers not only for the whole book, but also for things to come in the next ones. In terms of spoilers this blurb might take the cake. Now that I said it, for the most part the novel is confusing. It ends just as things finally start making sense and coming together.

In the land of magic, dragons, imprisoned gods, and awakened ancient terrors an uneasy alliance is formed between the major countries. The borders of one of it are threatened by an unknown force. At the same time we have a roguish guy who came up with an elaborate scheme of getting rich quick and a young woman who just became a dragonmaster and whose future is uncertain.

This is an epic fantasy with truly epic feel to it (sorry for a bad unintended pun). I cannot say the story grabbed me from the beginning - I already mentioned about it being confusing, but it grow on you and I did not want to stop reading by the end. To aggravate the problem, it stopped in the beginning of a very interesting meeting.

While the story develops slowly - typical for epics - what really stands out right from the beginning is the artwork quality. It really beats a lot of well-established comic books.

Did I mention the first volume is available for a free download? There is really no reason for anybody with even a passing interest in graphic novels not to at least take a look at it. http://nebezial.deviantart.com/art/ravine-full-issue1-enjoy-you-have-to-download-469914842

This review is a copy/paste of my LeafMarks one: https://www.leafmarks.com/lm/#/users/10968/books/53355/review