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Dorothy Daisy: A Fiona Gavelle Mystery

Dorothy Daisy: A Fiona Gavelle Mystery - Una Tiers For those unfamiliar with the series Fiona Gavelle is a lawyer without good connections in the business where having them means difference between making six-figured money and no employment at all. She works for a second-rated law office. When a chance of doing her own trust fund-related paperwork for a very old woman - she approaches hundred - comes, Fiona takes it without questioning.

She quickly learns not everything is as simple as she hoped. Her client seems to have completely different wishes every day and even every hour and thinks Fiona does her work for her for free; her neighbors behave strange and at times mysteriously and the social workers have firm opinion poor old woman is not mentally fit enough to make her own decision. However Fiona develops sympathy for her client and tries to unravel minor mysteries related to her.

This is a relatively short novella which does not have enough pages to show the main character in greater details, but considering this is the third story of the series she was probably developed before. It is hard to figure out what is going on initially, or even where the mystery lies but it does show up and heads in a fairly unexpected direction.

I was fairly sure I will rate the book with 3.5 stars until the very end when I had a little time to think about it. It actually got me scared, really genuinely scared - more than the majority of horror novels I read. Why? It gives a very good illustration to the power of a social worker over a single old person. Think about it: he or she can do to such person practically everything a small country dictator can do to his subject. All that is needed is to declare the old person in question mentally unsound - no immediate proof needed.

This subject was given a big screen time in novella and this part was very well written. 4 stars.