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Peril in the Park (Jamie Quinn Mystery Book 3)

Peril in the Park (Jamie Quinn Mystery Book 3) - Barbara Venkataraman Let us talk parks, shall we?
Parks can be colorful and beautiful:
colorful park
Parks can be mostly monochrome and no less beautiful:
monochrome park
Parks can be very big:
big park
But do you know what lurks in parks at night?
day and night park
Kip does not and this knowledge is a part of his job description: he is new director of Broward County parks. I think I got ahead of myself. I need to start from the beginning. Last book ended with Jamie Quinn - the series heroine - reconnecting with her high school sweetheart Kip Simons.

Kip just took a job I mentioned above. It did not take too much time for him to realize that the intrigues and backstage politics of the County part administration put those of Byzantine Empire to shame. On the top of this he has a determined but with original sense of humor person vandalizing his parks and a creepy and scary stalker who knows too much about his and Jamie personal life and who threatens to resort to violence if Kip would not resign from the job.

First and foremost this was a very easy read. I actually managed to get to the end of the book without noticing that I am about to finish it. The beginning was a little on the slow side, but once things finally started rolling they kept on doing it until the end. I never had a feeling I was doing a hard work while reading - something all of us felt with some books.

The mystery itself was a little easy, but I really like a twist which was actually related to a personal life of one of the recurring characters.

So the final verdict is 4 stars. It is an easy and entertaining read.