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The Spook's Battle

The Spook's Battle - Joseph Delaney It is time for the Spook and his apprentice to finally try to do something about the big looming problem; evil witches stronghold in the Country must be taken care of. The good news: the witches are divided into three powerful clans that are too busy with infighting to do real evil. The bad news: they already united once for a time when facing a real danger. The unbelievably bad news: the mentioned danger was represented by none other than the Spook, so there is no love lost between them and the witches would be ready for him this time.
Seventh Son

By the way, the majority of people who saw the movie Seventh Son agree that it is much weaker than this series upon which it is based. So I only used the image above just as a nice visual aid.

Mildly disappointing would be the best description of the book. For starters, the main hero of the story Tom acted really stupid in a couple of scenes. He is usually smarter than this, but he looks completely retarded in the scenes I mentioned, even for his age: he is 14. As an example of one of these scenes without spoilers is his first meeting with Mab.

The Spook whose character I found really fascinating was mostly absent. Now that I finished the book the main question still remains: what the heck was he doing all of the time? Other than being mysterious and absent, that is.

This is the first book of the series so far without any conclusion whatsoever. The narration just... stopped at one point. I would not even call the ending a real cliffhanger. There was also a big plot hole left, enough to drive a couple of aircraft carriers through - side by side.

On the positive side, it was still a fast read. Something always bothered me: Tom is seventh son. Up to now we only got to meet his oldest brother who was kind of a minor jerk. We finally meet another brother who acts like a decent human being. Some of the mysterious past of Tom's mom is revealed as well as her legacy to her youngest son.

I gave 3 stars to this book, but it does not mean I would give up on the series; on the contrary I am eager to read the next book.