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The Bones of the Old Ones

The Bones of the Old Ones - Howard Andrew Jones The second book of sword and sorcery adventures of Asim and Dabir - the first book is [b:The Desert of Souls|9359808|The Desert of Souls|Howard Andrew Jones|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312009918s/9359808.jpg|14243265]. It is not necessary to read the first book, but the second one contains some references which cannot be understood without reading of the first one.

Dabir the scholar spends quiet days at his hometown studying ancient scrolls; while Asim, his bodyguard and friend, does his duty of protecting Dabir. The first sign of trouble was coming cold and snow (I am talking about Arabian Peninsula here). Next, a Persian woman asks two friends for help saying she was kidnapped. The logical thing to do in this case is to take her to local authorities, which is exactly what Asim and Dabir try to do only to jump straight to the action and the action goes on almost non-stop throughout the whole book.

This book is impossible to put down almost from the first pages. If you read the first book, this one is better - in my opinion; if you did not - give this one a try. The book deserves 5 stars for entertainment value.