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The Last Command

The Last Command - Timothy Zahn Strictly speaking, the poster of the original Star Wars movie does not have too much in common with the last book of the trilogy except for the settings and main heroes, but my child self really loved it when I saw it first. I was waiting for a chance to use it and this looks like a good place as any, so there you have it:
Star Wars

The New Republic is besieged on all sides thanks to the genius machinations by Thrawn - behind the scenes and open battles. Torn by internal struggles, the Republic is poorly equipped to handle the deadly threat. The main heroes desperately try to save the situation while being pursued by even more powerful forces than Thrawn and his resurrected Empire. The decisive battles and final confrontations are coming.

The main villains still remain the best written characters in the trilogy. They are interesting, devious, powerful, and smart. Unfortunately the latter definition cannot be applied to the good guys all the time - especially Luke Skywalker. The Delta Force revelation was very clever and unexpected.

Despite my lower rating the book is on the same quality level as the first two. Once I accepted that the main surviving heroes from the movies do not feel like themselves in the books it was a smooth sailing. Actually by the end of the book Han Solo finally regained his sense of humor - even if for a brief moment.

The reasons for the lower rating are not significant, but taken together they were enough. First of all I kept saying it is a fun mindless entertainment. Well, by the middle of the last book the novelty wore off. I would not say the mindless entertainment overstayed its welcome, but it came very close.

The ending was a little letdown and cliche. It felt a little overdrawn with big bad guy giving an obligatory Evil Villain Speech. Other overused tropes that I will not discuss also show up.

The final rating for the book is 3.5 stars. The whole trilogy rates the same despite slightly higher grades I gave to the first two books. I said it before and I say it again, "Mindless, but very entertaining". A must read for any serious Star Wars fan.