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Dames Engaged

Dames Engaged - M.E. Meegs The conclusion of the story about the (ever expanding) group of con artists - real ones and wannabes. A big trouble suddenly came to Mrs. Biddle who seemed to find a comfortable position in Lord Timothy Dexter’s household. His daughter decided to outwit a professional and while she is not exactly on Mrs. Biddle's level in this department, she is very determined and has Tomasz who used to be on Mrs. Biddle's side as a secret weapon.
Secret Weapon
The rest of the crooks are engaged in their own schemes that usually interfere with each other with some very unexpected but spectacular results; in short, business as usual.

Unlike the second part of the trilogy this one flows smoothly without any interruptions from the fictional author. As such it is slightly better than part two, but not as good as part one - almost as good, but not quite. Some very interesting developments that I mentioned above happen, but the very end is a little underwhelming.

Speaking about the whole trilogy: is it worth reading? If you want to read fairly lighthearted and quite amusing adventures of a bunch of crooks, the whole thing is very much worth reading with each installment getting 4 star rating from me.
I am not a crook
I would love to read about further adventures of Mrs. Biddle and the rest of the folks if such book ever appears.