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Star Hunter

Star Hunter - Andre Norton This is an interesting story which could be developed much better. As it is, the ending feels too abrupt and the whole story rushed. A hotshot pilot turned star hunter (think safari guide on inter-planet scale) holds a grudge against a wealthy family whose representative crippled him as a result of his arrogance. Now he (the pilot) has a very good change to get even: the only heir of that family is lost somewhere in space, but the pilot/hunter found remains of his equipment on one of the planets which was investigated as yet another candidate for inter-planet safari.

So, together with a criminal mastermind they plan to plant a person whose memory is overridden to be the one of the above mentioned heir; it would be possible to control the huge resources (money) through him. The person is found and set on the planet, the memory is replaced, and the first safari expedition is on its way to the planet to "find" a missing heir. Suddenly, two big problems appear: the replacement started to regain his real memories way before the expedition reached the planet and it turns out the planet has intelligent - incomprehensible and meddling - life (everybody was sure it did not).

These twists are just first couple of first pages of the book; I can only imagine the possibilities for further development. Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, the story is rushed and the ending is fairly abrupt.

Still, this is a good story (with huge undeveloped potential) with a rating between 3 and 4 stars, but closer to 4.