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Speaking from Among the Bones

Speaking from Among the Bones - Alan Bradley First things first: I need to mention I won this book in Goodreads giveaways.

Move over, Nancy Drew; there is a new sleuth girl in town (village, in this case) and she is not afraid to stick her nose where it does not belong. For those unfamiliar with series, Flavia de Luce is 12-year-old girl with excellent knowledge of chemistry with a laboratory which puts to shame some of the modern chemistry professors, and good analytical mind. As I already mentioned, she lives in a small English village - considering this is the fifth murder mystery in the series, the village became even smaller by now - around 1950.

The crypt of the local saint is to be opened for his 500th anniversary of death. It happened so that Flavia is the first one in the crypt, only instead of the saint she finds a dead body of village organist presumed to be missing, and so it is up to Flavia to solve the mystery.

I really hesitated between 4 and 5 stars, but finally some minor annoyances prevented me from giving 5 stars to this book. First of all, I have a feeling that the police was doing exactly nothing during the whole book, they just wait for Flavia to do their work for them. Second, Flavia lacks focus. As an example, she took a sample of something that looks like blood - under very suspicious circumstances. Now, what would be the first natural reaction of any 12-year-old child (girl or boy)? She would go straight to the laboratory and analyze it. What Flavia does is puts it in her pocket and carry it around until she loses it.

Lastly, there are two parallel storylines in the book: Flavia's family - past and present, and the murder. While the murder is completely resolved in the end of the book (no thanks to the local police), the first storyline ends in a cliffhanger. Nothing is resolved, and nothing is explained. This is my first Flavia de Luce book, so something might be made clear in the previous four, but the cliffhanger is still there.

Still, this is a good murder mystery book deserving 4 solid stars.