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The Case of the Howling Dog

The Case of the Howling Dog - Erle Stanley Gardner A man came to Perry Mason for a simple and innocent consultation on two trivial issues. He wanted to make a will and had some questions about it. He also complained about his neighbor's dog constantly howling and wanted to put a legal pressure on his owner to quiet the animal.
Let me state right here and now that I love dogs. I did however have a personal experience of listening to my neighbor's dog - a large breed - constantly barking at nights. To give you an idea on how bad it was, the rest of the people living on our street were ready to arm themselves with torches and pitchforks and pay a little friendly visit to the dog's owner after around the third night of barking.

Coming back to the book, I felt for Mason's new client for the reason I described above. Mason is a man of action, so pretty soon a legal action was brought against the guy owing the dog. The latter instantly claimed his dog perfectly quiet all the time and the complainer is literally insane. Starting from this point on the plot twists kept appearing one after another so anything more I say would be a spoiler; I stop here.

I read this book before and I remember the final twist which came literally on the last page. It did not diminish my enjoyment of the book any, especially considering that I forgot most of the details. While some of the most interesting regulars still have not made an appearance, this is practically the first time Perry Mason is shown in the courtroom and these are always the scenes where he shines.

P.S. If somebody wants to see what it is like to be in Perry Mason's shoes, I found several games Phoenix Wright (shown below) to be the best experience, highly recommended:
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