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Glinda of Oz (Books of Wonder)

Glinda of Oz (Books of Wonder) - L. Frank Baum Two small nations of the Land of Oz declared war on each other.
When Ozma learned about this she decided it is her duty as a ruler of all Oz to make peace between the nations. Off she went accompanied by Dorothy who wanted to tag along. Pretty soon it turned out the girls bit off much more than they can chew – their magic trinkets and all. Magic heavyweights of the Land – Glinda and the Wizard – had to join the fun very soon.

L. Frank Baum wrote the book being mortally ill. As such it was supposed to be the darkest book of the series and for this reason I was eager to read it to see how dark you can get in a children book. To my complete and utter surprise I could not find any dark themes at all. The only part which can be somewhat qualified was about Ozma finally learning she is not all that powerful. This lesson was way overdue, but I am afraid it would be lost on her. There was no even “Everybody died. The (happy) end” kind of dark from another very popular children series written by an author who was not dying at the time.

Coming back to plot, the book was actually better than several previous ones. It contains much less recycled material, has more unusual creatures and some interesting developments. Anybody who can write a cheerful book knowing he/she is not going to last long surely deserves respect, so I have to say, “Dear Mr. Baum, you have mine for creating a wonderful place which captured the imagination of several generations of children everywhere”.
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