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COAST: an Act of Burial

COAST: an Act of Burial - Xander Richards I received a free ebook from author in exchange for an honest review.

A group of soldiers from elite highly secret British military special service organization called COAST is sent to retrieve nuclear warheads from a drowned navy ship. The ship drowned in Persian Gulf - a highly unstable region, so the entire operation has to be as quiet and discreet as possible. It turns out to be not as easy as the moment the team dive under water all of its members find themselves under attack.

The good part: this is non-stop action thriller with very exciting and well-written action parts. The three main characters are living people with their good and bad sides clearly shown. The author served in the military, and it shows especially during the description of weaponry: Mr. Richards clearly knows what he talks about.

Not-so-good part: the identity of traitor in the organization is revealed fairly early in the book; it does not take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out way before it happens. I also have some minor problems with the main villain of the book, but I cannot give any details as it would spoil the whole book; sufficient to say it left me slightly unsatisfied with the ending.

Considering this is author's first book, I am willing to overlook problems I had reading the book, the good parts overweight them by a long shot anyway: 5 stars.