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The Black God's War

The Black God's War - Moses Siregar III I really like this book. The plot is interesting, so are most of the characters. The author claims to be familiar with ancient Greek and Indian mythology, and it shows. I will have to give away some minor spoilers, but nothing that could not be seen in a first couple of pages of the book.

There is a war going on between two sides: Rezzians (think ancient Greece) and Pawelonians (think ancient India). One of the few weaknesses of the book is that the original reason for war is never revealed - or did I miss it? The point is, the conflict goes on for as long as anybody can remember. Finally a great event happens in the lands of Rezzia: a chosen one is born, who is supposed to win the war. The problem is, the other side also has something up their sleeve.

One of the main strengths of the book: the author makes you to care about people from both sides of the conflict - at least, the major players. Speaking of the major characters, they are living, breathing people, not two-dimensional heroes/villains. It is very interesting to see the way war changes them, and not necessarily for the best.

All in all, a very solid effort deserving strong 4.5-star (or even 5-star) rating which makes me want to buy the next book the moment it is out, but this book has a good conclusion (with a couple of twists) to be considered a standalone. Oh, if you read the free novella, this book is quite different from it.