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Review updated on 7/1/2016

There is nothing I say about this book or the series in general which has not been said before and probably better. I will still give a brief summary of the plot in case you lived under a rock - a rock in a very remote location. A young orphan living with his aunt's family which does not care much about him learns he came from a family of wizards. He also has an opportunity to go to a wizard school which he jumps at without a second thought. He makes some friends,
enemies and learns some details about his parents' death.

Make no mistake here: this is a children book. This is also a book which brought a lot of children to reading for which it gets major bonus points from me.
Grumpy Potter
Do not think the series remain this way: the books become more and more mature as Harry Potter and his friends grow up.

As far as the story goes, it is highly entertaining and remains so throughout the whole series. This book in particular is notable for really showing a sense of wonder when we (and Harry) finally get to see the wizard's world. The movie based on this novel does an excellent job in this as well; succeeding at something almost every other ones based on fantasy books fail; it also nailed the casting.

I also really need to point out something else. It is not a secret anymore (was it ever?) what J.K. Rowling is a woman. Two of her major characters and countless number of minor ones are boys. She does write them as real life boys which takes talent and some experience which I suppose comes from her having a son. I do not even need to mention that her main female character grows up to be strong and caring young woman.

This book is suitable for both children and adults alike. Do not be deceived by its seemingly childish beginning.