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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets  - J.K. Rowling In memory of Alan Rickman who showed us what Severus Snape looks like on the Big Screen.
Severus Snape
I made myself a promise not to use any stills from any Harry Potter movies in my reviews for any book of the series, but I have to make an exception today January 14, 2016 thus the image above.

Even people who somehow managed to avoid reading the books and seeing the movies can guess that this book is about Harry Potter's second year the School of Wizardry, Hogwarts. Before he gets there though he had to fight the depression from loneliness as his adopted family does not care about him much and his Hogwarts friends seemingly forgotten about him.

Fortunately a magical creature called Dobby shows up and instantly makes Harry's life full of excitement: he is convinced Harry's life is forfeit if the latter goes to Hogwarts, so Dobby makes everything in his power to stop Harry from doing this. Injures and maiming are fair game as long as Harry remains alive. To add to the fun it seems Harry's life as well as that of his friends might really be in danger Dobby hinted at.

Like the first one, this book can still fully qualify as a children book however it is darker and it does have some very gloomy and depressing moments; children grew up and matured a little and so is the tale.

We get to meet characters familiar from the first book and see their development as well as new interesting ones. Speaking about new people, Gilderoy Lockhart is so full of himself he is excellent. His whole Valentine celebration made me laugh out loud. I think this is the first time we get to meet Lucius Malfoy in person - he is another interesting guy; the last scene with him is excellent.

I would like to talk about Harry Potter a little. I saw lots of people say he is not the main hero of the series; he is just a guy who always gets either lucky, or have a helpful friend handy in tight spots. I saw Hermione named the main hero - she is the brainpower behind Harry's successes most of the time. I saw Neville named the main hero - he has the greatest and most unexpected development of all characters. I would respectfully disagree: Harry Potter is the main hero albeit a reluctant one (compare him to Lockhart to see why). For the proof of this look no further than the final confrontation in this novel.

This was my reread of the book; I knew exactly what to expect and I was sure I would rate it with 4 stars until I found myself awoke well in the early morning hours finishing this reread despite the fact that I had to wake up early. Any book which can do it to me deserves 5 stars.

I do not have anything else to add to what I already said; each installment of the series was analyzed and reviewed countless number of times by better qualified people. I will stop right here.