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Some Buried Caesar

Some Buried Caesar - Rex Stout, Diane Mott Davidson The funniest Nero Wolfe novel; it makes you laugh after first several phrases. As everybody who read any Nero Wolfe mystery knows, the famous detective is really afraid of cars and expects to get into accident at any second during car rides. Well, the books starts with his fears finally coming to reality: Archie Goodwin crashed their car while driving his employer. They happened to crash near a foul-tempered bull, so Nero Wolfe sent Archie to distract the animal while he (Wolfe, that is) gets to a safe place which happened to be a giant boulder in the middle of the field.

Later this bull killed a man, but as everybody guessed this happens to be a murder, not an accident. The famous detective thinks it is not his job to convince authorities to qualify this as a murder, but he has to change his mind fairly soon.

Archie really outdid himself in this book. His usual stunts are there. Suppress evidence from a crime scene? Check. Help Wolfe solve the murder? Check. In addition to this he did the all of the following. Get in jail and create a labor union while there? Check. Get a girlfriend? Check.

Speaking about his girlfriend, Rex Stout kills some recurrent characters in the series from time to time, but he is not so fast to introduce the new ones. This is probably the last time when a new recurrent character appears; she will play important roles in some of the further Wolfe's investigations, or at least will get mentioned in the rest of the books.

The book deserves 5 stars, no arguments here.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/1003744/the-funniest-nero-wolfe-mystery-the-fun-starts-on-the-first-line-literally