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Wizard's Bane

Wizard's Bane - Rick Cook What do software development and wizardry have in common? Read and find out.

The Black League (the bad guys) is slowly but surely winning over the Wizards Council (the good guys) and there seems to be no hope until the mightiest of the wizards came up with an idea which might help their cause. He summoned a very competent computer programmer called William I. Zumwalt (Wiz) straight from his Silicon Valley company office. The wizard took a great risk doing it and got killed for his troubles, but not before he gave a local witch (a young and attractive, but magically very weak one) Moira task to accompany Wiz to safety.

Wiz is completely unprepared for the life in troubled magic land where seemingly everything and everybody tried to kill him practically from the moment of his arrival. He also has no clue on how he was supposed to help the Council. Considering the fact that the late wizard did not share his idea with anybody, this leaves Moira with a guy who is totally clueless and also happened to be completely helpless. So what was the wizard thinking?

This is light fantasy with a lot of programmer-related puns (knowledge of programming is not necessary to enjoy these books). I read the first book during a very bad time of my life; it helped me keep the sanity, for this reason I might be biased in my rating, but this is still a very good book regardless.

This review is a copy/paste of my BookLikes one: http://gene.booklikes.com/post/762983/a-great-fun-a-programmer-ended-up-in-a-fantasy-world-but-why-