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The Sea Hag

The Sea Hag - David Drake Before I say anything else, I want to state the book is entertaining enough to keep reading and can be considered standalone (very rare for fantasy nowadays). There are a couple of very original twists of the plot. The main hero's sidekick is a robot speaking mostly one-liners similar to Confucius teachings: how is that for originality?

Now I would have to continue with criticism. The plot overall is nothing new or original: a young prince is forced to take a journey which makes him a major kick-ass hero. There are standard fairytale affairs: princess in distress, giant monsters to battle, hero not revealing his identity to the princess he rescue (why?). In case of really tough situations, the sidekick robot will always come to the rescue with its knowledge of literally everything, or just as an indestructible punch bag.

3 stars: entertaining with some redeeming qualities, but standard fantasy tale overall.