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Sheepfarmer's Daughter

Sheepfarmer's Daughter - Elizabeth Moon I like the main idea for the book: to see a rise of the main character from nobody to a legend in great details. From these details comes the first problem: nothing at all happens in the first half of the book, just the military training in more details than I ever cared about, like how to march with a spear.

In the second half of the book some excitement finally comes up as well as another problem. The book is written from the main character's point of view (BTW, I challenge everybody to recall her full name: was it really necessary to make it this long and complicated?). Through the most part of the book Paks remains a lowly soldier which means there is a lot of fighting, but at no point Paks (and the reader) have no clue about the reason for this skirmish, or that mini-war; this goes on behind the scenes.

One more problem: one - and just one - chapter of the book is written from point of view of a different person. Why? It was very disorienting.

Conclusion: 3 stars for the idea, 1 star for execution.