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The First Dragoneer

The First Dragoneer - M.R. Mathias A prequel to Dragoneer Saga books. Two young boys Bren and March are going on a hunt during which they found a cave. They do exactly what any normal young boys would do - they go exploring it. Unfortunately, they run into trouble while exploring which will change a life of one of them.

This is fairly short story. The ebook also contains first chapter of [b:The Royal Dragoneers|9473669|The Royal Dragoneers (The Dragoneers Saga, #1)|M.R. Mathias|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1287169367s/9473669.jpg|14358819]. It is not exactly clear how it relates to the prequel. As to the story itself, it is too short to give a good judgment. I was not impressed and found hard to feel any sympathy for any of two boys.