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Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Vol. 1

Robert Asprin's Myth Adventures Vol. 1 - Robert Lynn Asprin If this volume would include just first 4 books of the series (OK, maybe 5), I'd given it 5 stars. The problem is, the quality drops really fast (and I do mean - really fast) starting with fifth book.

So, you are a wizard's apprentice. There is just one trouble: you tutor is killed before he managed to teach you anything. Now you are stuck with another great wizard who happens to look like a giant lizard. His race is called Perv which is - arguably - short for pervert, so he is not the nicest person to be associated with. Oh yeah, this guy lost his magical powers, but this is a temporary condition which will go away in about 1000 years: his race is long-living - nothing to worry about, right?

The series feature some of the most hilarious and interesting characters ever to grace fantasy field. Make sure to read epigraphs for each chapter; they are laugh-out-loud funny.

Final recommendation: definitely read first 4 books, read fifth if you really like the series. Then stop.