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Furies of Calderon

Furies of Calderon - Jim Butcher Most of the people know the background of this series. For the rest of you I will tell it again. Jim Butcher made a bet he could write a fantasy book(s) based on Roman legions
Roman legions
and Pokemon.

This is the result. You have a society somewhat resembling that of Ancient Rome with its military being almost exact copy of Roman legions. Magic also exists and comes in the form of Furies (glorified Pokemon). Some of them are related to wind, some to wood, some to fire, etc. This is not Harry Dresden series.

A young boy Tavi who also happened to be practically the only one without any magic whatsoever did not take care of his herd on time because a girl asked him to get some special flowers. Finally trying to get the herd back he sees something he is not supposed to see and as the result got mixed up in Big Politics. We all know the life expectancy of little people who happened to be in the way of ambitious politicians. Fear not, this is a fantasy world so unlike in real life Tavi has a slim chance of survival.

At the same time a graduate of local Academy called Amara has to infiltrate an enemy camp and do some reconnaissance as a graduation exam (boy, these guys are serious about testing their pupils). She also sees something she is not supposed to see resulting in the same situation as the poor guy I mentioned above.

This is not Harry Dresden series. I cannot stress it enough. If you need another Dresden fix before the next book of this better-known series is published look elsewhere. The signature humor of the famous Chicago wizard is not present at all. The only similar themes I found were fast-paced plot and last moment escapes.

This book reminded me of a summer blockbuster. I already mentioned non-stop action: at times I felt I did not have a moment to catch my breath. On the other hand this book has a lot of fantasy cliches - I would say the majority of them were present here. So if you look at exciting but mindless fantasy read this book is for you. Just remember that this is not Harry Dresden series. If you want a book which would make you think about the meaning of life this is exactly the wrong one.

In the conclusion I need to explain why I kept saying that this is not Harry Dresden series. I saw people gave this one a low rating for the only reason that they expected something similar to that series; this on is not, so if you start reading this one keep it in mind.