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Memories of Ice

Memories of Ice - Steven Erikson The surviving people from the first book are back: Bridgeburners, Kruppe, Tool, Anomander Rake, Dujek, and Caladan Brood together with some new characters.

A big bad guy (and I do mean - BAD) is entering into the game - The Chained God. The threat of this is so big - some of the Elder Gods are coming back just to stop it. It turns out - Quick Ben does not like the bad guy either and is determined to stop him.

The first move of The Chained God is to rouse some fanatics on the south of continent and to send them on conquest of all neighboring cities using the cult's Seer as his pawn. This move is just a distraction, but it must be dealt with quickly to free the players to deal with real problems. Thus former enemies (Dujek and Caladan Brood) make an uneasy alliance.

High magic, multiple layer plots, epic battles, major people dying - this book has it all; 5 stars.