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Summer Knight

Summer Knight - Jim Butcher There is a war going on between Red Court of Vampires and White Council of the Wizards started by none other than Harry Dresden. The vampires agree to end it if the Council surrenders Dresden to them. The Council is happy to end the war, but giving up one of their own would create a bad precedent. Dresden can convince the Council not to give him up by bringing an alliance with a fairy court (there are two, any one will do). The fairies give the alliance if Dresden can solve seemingly unrelated murder which the police chalked off as an accident. The guy in question (Dresden) completely shut himself off from the world trying to find a cure for his girlfriend who slowly turns into a vampire. This is just a beginning - a couple of pages in the book. Things get more complicated further on.

I liked this book much more than the previous three. Gone are rough edges and cliches of the first two books as well as daring escapes on every single page of the third one (the escapes get really old after a first dozen or so of them). It is not clear who the bad guy is until almost the end of the book. My only complaint: Michael mysteriously disappeared without any explanation, exactly the same way he mysteriously appeared from out of nowhere in the previous book. What is the deal with him?

The book has 4 star rating. I will definitely read the next one.