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Double Vision

Double Vision - F.T. Bradley First things first: I need to mention I received this book in Goodreads giveaway.

A 12-year-old Lincoln (Linc) Baker is a big troublemaker. I admit some of the things he comes up on his field trips would not even cross my mind when I was 12. On his trip to chicken farms he finally got over his head when he released chickens from their cages. The ungrateful birds attacked him; some kind sole from his class made a movie out of this and put in on Youtube. The farmer sued his family for a million dollar damage.

Some of CIA people saw the movie with chickens and realized Linc looked exactly like their agent who disappeared and who is supposed to make an exchange with a crime boss. So now Linc has a choice: to play a substitute, or see himself expelled from school and his parents broken as a result of his stunt with chickens. Simple enough choice, is not it? Well, things go wrong from the beginning, and the situation is getting worse.

This is definitely a children book; some of the things seem absurd from adult point of view (12-year-old super-agent, really?). However, the book was entertaining enough for me as an adult whose childhood is long gone. It would be almost impossible for me to stop reading had I found this book during my early teens.

The books is entertaining, hard to put down. Solid 4.5 stars with 0.5 added for this book being the first one from the author.