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Dead Beat

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher I was not sure whether with book deserves 3 or 4 stars until I was introduced to Butters and Sue. Thanks to Sue, the book has the most epic ending of all Dresden Files books so far; the rating jumped to 5 stars - the highest of all Dresden Files book for me.

It starts innocently enough. Mavra, a vampire from Black Court (think Dracula on steroids) who happened to be one of the most powerful Dresden's enemies made an offer to the only official wizard which cannot be refused: find the last book of the most powerful and crazy necromancer in the history of humanity, or Lt. Murphy would be exposed as a killer (with fabricated evidence). Well, what complicates matter is the fact that the surviving apprentices of the mentioned necromancer are after the book as well. Each one of them, taken individually is much stronger than Dresden who in addition to all the troubles above is haunted by his own demons from material and spiritual planes.

Thus the plan is: get the book, give it to Mavra, and avoid getting killed by people who would not think twice about destroying anything and everyone who stands in their way. Sounds simple enough, right? Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention: polka will never die!!!