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Proven Guilty

Proven Guilty - Jim Butcher The rating for this book is 3.5 stars. The war between The White Council of wizards and The Red Court of vampires took a lot of causalities from wizards, especially their wardens. The previous book left them in such desperate state that they were forced to recruit Dresden into warden police/military force. He never asked for it, but now has to work with people who were trying to catch him doing bad magic and execute him on the spot.

Anyway, Harry is forced to investigate why the Fairy Queens were keeping neutrality in the war despite provocation. If he refuses, he would strain his already not so good relations with The White Council. If he takes the job, he might not get out of it alive as a lot of fairy-folks have a grudge with the mortal wizard. On the top of this, there are rumors about black magic running wild in Chicago, and it is Dresden's direct responsibility as a warden to stop and execute the practitioner. In short, it is business as usual.