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Pirate Cinema

Pirate Cinema - Cory Doctorow Trent McCauley loves to create movies on his computer using the old footage from old movies which he downloads from the net illegally. He was caught doing this three times and his whole family was punished by cutting off their internet access. In the near-future Britain (or was it present world; I cannot really tell as nearly everything Cory Doctorow wrote about in this book came into reality already) it is impossible to live without internet access. His father lost his job for which he had to use internet, his mother could not get her medication: it is only possible to do through the internet as well, and his sister could not get any education information for her studies at school. Shamed by his family, Trent runs away from home to London where he tries to survive on the streets while still dreaming about making movies.

Strictly speaking, this book is closer to 3 than 4 stars. It is entertaining enough, but the author does a lot of preaching with occasional info dumps. So why did I rate it 4 stars? The topics Cory Doctorow preaches are very important in modern times, and not too many people are aware of them, and quite a few of people who know about the subject simply do not care enough to take active part in their developments. One extra star is due for trying to raise the awareness.