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Zoo City

Zoo City - Lauren Beukes I usually start my book reviews with a brief outline of the plot. In this case it is very difficult to do as the moment I start talking about it I will give huge spoilers. If I try to avoid them all, the plot will sound too generic - and it is anything but. So I apologize in advance for some spoilers: they are very minor, I promise.

Zinzi December lives in the near future version of South Africa. She has a talent for finding lost things, just things not persons. She also has a part-time job as an email spammer which supports her drug habit. While doing a job of finding a lost ring, she found it to be impossible to collect a payment. Zinzi had to find another type of temporary work to earn her living which leads her to city sewers populated by local junkies, rich suburban neighborhoods, some dead bodies, local pop scene, illegal immigrants and refugees and other very exotic things, people and locations.

Once again I regret not being able to give this book its true rating which is 3.5 stars. The best parts: when was the last time anybody read an urban fantasy book taking place in South Africa? To continue this theme, when was the last time anybody read an urban fantasy book with main character being a black woman (and the majority of people being black)?

Now for some bad parts: I could not connect to Zinzi at all. I really did not care for her; this is despite the fact that the main plot was very interesting and this is what kept me reading. The book also uses a lot of local words (real and imaginary); I have no clue what they mean as there is no explanation for the majority of them.

All in all, this is a very solid effort worth looking into if not reading.