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Pump Six and Other Stories

Pump Six and Other Stories - Paolo Bacigalupi This is a collection of short sci-fi stories with most of them set in near future dystopia. The stories are very good, but depressing. I mean, [b:1984|5470|1984|George Orwell|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348990566s/5470.jpg|153313] type depressing. What really got me when I read this book is that none of the future possibilities described are not unlikely to happen, just like 1984 which I already mentioned. In fact, I would recommend reading this book to people just to see the possible directions we are happily going in. I also found last several stories to be very disturbing in addition to be depressing.

By the middle of the book I was sure it deserves 5-star rating. The author's imagination is really good and allows him to create interesting believable worlds. Why 4 stars than? Because several of the stories are written in simple present tense which I think is painful to read and there were no justification to its use in these particular cases - simple past tense used since the dawn of time for storytelling would work just fine.

In the conclusion: if you have any interest in sci-fi, read this book; if you have any interest in dystopia, read this book; if you are curious about the possible ways our society might develop, read this book just to be aware of the possibilities.