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Stranger Things Happen

Stranger Things Happen - Kelly Link This is a collection of urban fantasy stories with weird twists - and I do mean weird. Think what would happen if David Lynch wrote some urban fantasy. Actually in the beginning I was almost sure it WAS David Lynch writing under a pseudonym, but later I realized this is just too weird for him.

As for the stories themselves, they range from horror to urban fantasy to fairy tales retelling - and all are as strange as they can be. A word of warning: if you think the first story is unusual (for the lack of a better word), at least there is some logic in there. The last stories defy all logic and break all traditional structure of storytelling.

I cannot say I like this book a lot, but I was sort of fascinated with it and I kept reading it just to see what kind of weirdness I will encounter next. The book is freely available from Goodreads - for now. Try and see if this is your thing.