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Murder by the Book

Murder by the Book - Rex Stout, David Handler Inspector Cramer is a friend/archenemy of both Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin. When he shows up at Wolfe's office asking for his opinion about a list of strange names found at a murdered man's place it comes as a great surprise for both detectives. Nero Wolfe does not feel like offering one, so pissed off Cramer leaves. Later on when a wealthy Illinois businessman hires the detective to find a murderer of his only daughter - it seems to be hit-and-run accident to the police - Nero Wolfe is the only person to see the connection between this case and Cramer's problem.

Nero Wolfe's lifestyle takes quite a lot of money, so his fees are very high. For this reason the majority of his clients are very wealthy people who are often not very nice. This is probably the first time in the series where I felt really bad for Wolfe's client loss. In the scenes his is present, the businessman really feels like a grieving father. He also looks really impressive in the last scene.

As a mystery the novel is good and really makes you wonder about the content of the book in title. This is the first time we see Archie Goodwin has to leave his usual place of action - New York - and come California and I really like his description of the West Coast (hint: it was raining non-stop during his visit so he was not fond of the place much).

4 stars is the final rating for the book which is quite on the level with the rest of the book in the series.