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Gambit (Nero Wolfe, #37)

Gambit (Nero Wolfe, #37) - Rex Stout Review updated on 4/13/2015.

The book is not about this Gambit:
Gambit of the X-Men
It is about this type of gambit:
Gambit in Chess
Just for fun do an image search for the term and see which one would come up first (hint: the X-Men character).

A murder happened right in the plain view of a lot of people: a chess master is killed in the middle of his simultaneous play with twelve members of an exclusive club. A man is arrested, he is the only person who was able to commit the crime - it was physically impossible for everybody else. Everything is against him, but his daughter is convinced in her father's innocence and she hires the only person who might be able to help him: Nero Wolfe (and Archie Goodwin, obviously).

Usually a typical Nero Wolfe novel (or a short story) is not so much about the mystery, but much more about character interactions and Archie Goodwin's witticism, and this is what makes the series really shine. This book is all that, but it also happen to be a good mystery novel which will puzzle you as much as it did Nero Wolfe and his nemesis and friend Inspector Cramer and which is worthy the best of the undisputed Queen of Mystery Agatha Christie. When the identity of the villain is finally revealed, it turns out there is no proof of the murderer's guilt which leads to highly unconventional tactics from the great detective and his sidekick/bodyguard/secretary.

As usual expect to be entertained and a lot of chuckles while reading the book. One more item of note this is probably the first time Archie Goodwin solved the mystery before his genius boss. To be fair, he obtained one vital piece of info which Wolfe did not possess until the latter made his report.