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The Thirty Nine Steps

The Thirty Nine Steps - John Buchan Richard Hannay came to Great Britain for a break; by the end of his stay he was completely bored. So when a seemingly crazy man asks him for help saying he knows too much and his life is in danger Richard invites the stranger to his apartment. Predictably the host soon finds his guest dead, and now Richard Hannay is on the run from desperate people who stop at nothing to silence him as well. This description sounds a little melodramatic, but so it the book itself.

The book was very influential at the time of its publication; some people credit it with the creation of spy thriller genre. Still, it shows its age somewhat. It also has some situations I found hard to believe. For example, why did not the bad guys kill Richard Hannay in the beginning together with his guest thus insuring they remove all people with dangerous knowledge? By the way, this question applies to 90% of all thrillers.

Richard Hannay proved to be very ingenuous in trying to stay undercover, I give him this. Even with the problems I mentioned the book is not boring with 3 solid star rating.