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Whose Body?

Whose Body? - Dorothy L. Sayers A dead body of an unknown man is found in a tub of a seemingly harmless local architect, and it is up to Lord Peter Wimsey to prove his innocence. To add to the mystery, somebody shaved this man after his was dead. Lord Peter Wimsey also looks into a disappearance of a prominent financier to help his friend inspector Parker.

This is my first Dorothy Sayers book. I heard so much about her, my expectations probably were too high. The plot was quite good and kept me guessing... for the first half of the book. It was possible to guess what was going on right in the middle of the book. What is more, the identity of the murderer was practically spelled a couple of pages later - for those who has not guessed it yet. All this leaves the second half of the book with what I consider to be filler: keep in mind this is not a thriller, which means no high-speed chases, no fights; the bad guy always manages to escape in these types of books.

As a character, Lord Peter Wimsey does not hold a candle to Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, or Miss Marple. I hope he will develop better in the next books; still this book was good enough for me to continue to the next book in the series.