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Ghost Story

Ghost Story - Jim Butcher I can only give 2.5 stars plus 0.5 out of my respect for the series. Harry was sent back to the world of mortals as a ghost to investigate his own murder. When he came back, Chicago changed a lot - and not for the good. Yet another new enemies appeared, worse than the old ones - as usual. Oh yeah, we never actually see them. Harry's friends changed, too.

There are several problems with the book.

Harry is first and foremost an action hero constantly on his guilt trip, but when this trip happens to be between the action bits, it is not too bad. This time he cannot do anything to material things, so what he does the whole book is talking a lot and feeling guilty for anything and everything (I was seriously expecting him to find a way to blame himself for Crucifixion of Jesus; I kid you not, I would not be surprise if he did).

The repeating parts of the series finally beginning to get old for me. After reading description of Soulgaze for thirteenth time I can repeat it in my sleep. I am ashamed to say, I was glad Harry's apartment was destroyed in the previous book as I hoped I will not have to read its description yet again. Boy was I wrong! Luckily where was nothing about his car in this book, which is a blessing, I guess.

I really did not like the way the characters of Butters and Murphy is developing. Butters was great because he was never an action hero, just a guy with (barely) enough courage to do the right thing. In this book, he is doing an action hero thing. Murphy does not want to look into Harry's murder because she is afraid that she would find a proof of guilt of her boyfriend (?). Is this the way a really strong woman should behave?

Is it too much to ask that villains killed by Dresden stay dead? For now only good guys stay dead, almost every bad person/entity comes back one way or the other.

I might have read too many books of [a:Agatha Christie|123715|Agatha Christie|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1321738793p2/123715.jpg], but I figured Harry's murder sometime in the first half of the book, so no big surprises in this case.

All in all, I consider this to be just a filling material and hope the next book is better.