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Fierce Peace

Fierce Peace - Dean Henryson First things first: I need to mention I received this book in Goodreads giveaways.

A seven-year-old girl Jessica suddenly starts seeing dead people. Shortly after this, some of these dead people try to kidnap her a little later. Thus an endless terror starts for Jessica and her mother, Mary. To make matters worse, there is a serial killer with supernatural powers on the loose. Besieged from all sides, their only help is a man who lost his family a long time ago.

On the positive side, the author creates an atmosphere of terror brilliantly. I could feel the hopelessness of mother and her daughter, their panic, and their struggle to overcome the odds. The subtitle of the book is A Novel of Terror, and it is fully justified.

The bad part: every single adult character with POV had some kind of abuse during the childhood. I felt it would be really nice to have a normal character without childhood trauma; I am sure there are a lot of such people around in the real life.

The ugly part: I understand that the people under stress and during life-threatening situations do not act their brightest, but it looks to me like Mary was not very smart to begin with; combining it with her constant state of terror, the final result is not pretty. Sufficient to say, she spent half of the book being afraid of a kitten, really? This character is the only reason I gave this book 3 stars, with her acting a little more rationally it would be solid 4.