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This Brilliant Darkness

This Brilliant Darkness - Red Tash First things first: I need to mention I received this book in a Goodreads giveaway.

A young university professor Christine Grace is stalked by a mysterious being Greachin. She does not know even about Greachin's existence, but she notices strange occurrences happening to her (hard not to notice when you end up completely naked behind a trash bin as a result of one such occurrence). There is also a mysterious star which appears in the sky recently and is only visible from Bloomington, IN where all action takes place. It is so unusual that a retired physicist comes out of his retirement and moves to Bloomington to investigate the phenomenon. Speaking of mysterious things, how is about one of Christine students Tristan: tall, dark (actually blonde), and handsome?

It is very interesting to see how all seemingly unrelated threads come together (I also forgot to mention another person with POV: a monk who is once again seemingly unrelated to the main story). Almost all of the main characters are well-developed as well.

There were two annoyances which prevented me from giving a higher rating. First and foremost, the ending was quite abrupt and unexpected. If there ever going to be a sequel which ties all of the loose ends, I will reconsider my rating. Second, each chapter switches to a different POV. While in the first chapters the name of the character with current POV was in the title of the chapter, the later ones did not have it; it was slightly disorienting to read half of a page before I had an idea who POV I read.

Overall, a very solid first effort from a new author which is somewhat spoiled by the problems I outlined above. Still, I look forward to a sequel (and to other books by Ms. Tash).