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Burned Bridges: The Crossing Series (Volume #1)

Burned Bridges:  The Crossing Series (Volume #1) - Marguerite Ashton First things first: I need to mention I received this book in Goodreads giveaways.

Traci Collins just overcame her drinking problem and attempts to get her life back. She now has three friends from her support group who try to rebuild their lives and careers as well. One of these friends, Olivia has a really dark secret in her past which she confides to Traci. Unfortunately for Traci, this knowledge creates a lot of complications (including life-threatening situations and blackmail) in her not completely back-on-track life; her loyalty to her friend is going to be tested to the full extend.

This is an easy read. Traci feels like a real living person - my kudos to the author for this. In fact, after I finished the book I realized I would act exactly as Traci did had I been in her place. My only complaint: one of the above-mentioned friends is completely undefined, while still being on of the major characters in the story.

This is a really good first effort from a new author deserving 4 solid stars.